I am SO Excited you are considering me to capture a part of your life!

I cannot wait to hear from you and help plan your session. Photos are such an important thing to invest in. I love being able to freeze moments in time and share that with the world, it's truly one of my favorite things!

Talk to you soon :)

Pricing & Packages

Wedding Day

- Up to 4 hours of photography coverage
- 400+ high quality edited images
-Bridals or engagements discount
- Timeline help



- Up to 3 hours in photo coverage
- 400+ high quality images
-Timeline planning help
- Location scouting help


Standard Wedding Package

- Engagement session 200+ images
- Bridal session 300+ images
- 5 hour wedding day photo coverage 400+ images
- Timeline help


Ulitmate Package

- Engagement session 200+ images
- Bridal session 300+ images
- 8 hour wedding day
- Timeline help



- 1 hour session
- 1 outfit
- 2 locations
- 200+ images

$450 + travel if needed


- 1 hour session
- 2 outfits
- 2 locations
- 100+ images

$300 + TRAVEL if needed


- 1 hour session
- 2 outfit
- 2 locations
- 100 + images

$350 + TRAVEL if needed


Do you shoot destination weddings?

ARE YOU KIDDING YES! I am willing to travel anywhere you take me. I want to make your love story last forever.

Will there be a second shooter?

I do have a second shooter willing to travel and go anywhere as well.

How do you send my photos?

Everything is digitally sent to you.
I use a photo delivery program called Pixieset that is super simple and showcases your album beautifully!
For photo access, remember these 4 easy steps:

Open the email I sent you notifying you your album is finished

Copy the 4-digit PIN (this is a secret passcode that keeps your photos safe!)

Click on the link that says “View Photos”

There are 3 dots in the corner of the album- Click on them, click “download”, and enter your email & 4-digit PIN!

If you are having a difficult time I am always here to help you get your photos. ( even if I need to get on the phone with you and explain step by step.

What kind of photography sessions do you offer?

I live to capture your story. I am not going to lie capturing couples is my #1 choice I LOVE LOVE.
But everything else is a close 2nd

How long will I have to wait for photo's ?

I have been on the other side of getting my photos taken and know how much you want to see the photos, My turn around time is about 2 to 3 weeks but I am just as excited as you are to see these so I work as fast as I can.

Ready to Begin?